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S p o n s o r s h i p s

    Dialogue is funded by Mike Garibaldi and generous contributions from public, private and corporate sponsors that seek to:
    • Improve the quality of life and enliven our public spaces with public art,
    • Provide personal inspiration to thousands of viewers,
    • Help advance communication between people of diverse backgrounds,
    • Create new avenues and audiences for public art,
    • Provide the mass media with positive and inspiring stories for print and broadcast,
    • Motivate people to make constructive changes in their lives.
    • Promote literacy and education awareness.
    • Spark meaningful conversations and connections.

    There are two main ways individuals, companies, art grant groups / advocates, business improvement districts and other organizations can become involved with Dialogue:

    1) If you would like to become a champion for bringing Dialogue to your community, please email us at: We ask for assistance with:

      ---> Locating an appropriate popular public area: a busy and scenic space representative of your community. These could be public parks, downtown shopping areas, town squares, an arts festival, tie-ins with other citywide celebrations or conventions, farmer's markets, main tourist attractions, public buildings, etc.

      ---> Filing the appropriate permit(s) and/or getting permission for use of the space. We can supply any additional information required for the permits.

      ---> Supplying two hotel rooms for our length of stay and two coach airline tickets (not needed for western states).

      ---> A complete price package covers all other costs associated with bringing Dialogue to your community for two to four days, including: shipping the project, break-down and set-up, misc. travel expenses for the team (meals, car, incidentals, etc.), Mike Garibaldi Frick will be onsite for book signings and/or media interviews, publicity materials, and any assistance with obtaining permits (support materials, phone calls, letters, etc.). This is an exciting, unique public art package not offered by any other artist and is only available for select dates in 2014 & 2015.

      • West Coast (California, Oregon and Washington): $2,500.
      • Other Western states: $3,000
      • Midwest: $5,000
      • South: $5,000
      • East: $7,500

      Depending on the venue & size, the documentary screening fee is between $200 to $500. Or, we can partner with a local independent theatre and do a 50/50 gross split. Most cities we are visiting are not doing paid ticket screenings, but are instead sponsoring the screening as a free public event. The screening can take place at a local theatre, university and/or al fresco.

      You can also just screen the documentary as a stand alone event, without the rest of the project. All you need to do is email us and let us know you'd like to screen the documentary and we will send you a screening copy in you preferred format (DigiBeta or DVD).

      Cities we are visiting are partnering and raising funds to bring us to their community in various ways, including:

      • Approaching a hotel partner for our stay
      • Local businesses acting as co-sponsors
      • Local and regional arts and civic organizations providing matching funds or grants
      • Partnering with a local university student and/or arts & lectures program
      • Theatres, film festivals and/or film commissions sponsoring the documentary screening
      • Partnering with existing arts and city festivals
      • Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), tourism organizations and/or chamber of commerces providing sponsorships and/or hotel

    2) Any individual or organization can donate to the Dialogue Tour Fund. These donations are not tax deductible, but offer great marketing exposure, fun product gifts and helps feed the Dialogue crew! :-)

    Donation Amount What You Receive
    in Appreciation for Your Support
    $50 - $99
    • Dialogue postcard set
    • Dialogue T-shirt
    $100 - $499
    • All above, plus:
    • Dialogue poster
    • Dialogue book
    $500 - $999
    • All above, plus:
    • Three Dialogue posters hand-signed by Mike Garibaldi
    • Appreciation credit in the Dialogue Program Guide
    $1,000 and up
    • All above, plus:
    • Appreciation credit in the Dialogue book
    • Appreciation credit on the Dialogue Web site
    • Appreciation credit in the Dialogue documentary