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Q u o t a t i o n s | S h o p
    Welcome! Exclusive Dialogue Project collectible quotations book, program guide, posters, postcards & T-shirt. Created & shipped directly from our studio. Inspirational gifts perfect for anyone! All shop sales support Dialogue and helps us to bring this inspirational public art project to dozens of communities.

    New to the shop. You can now purchase exact replicas of the Dialogue quotation screens! Each replica is 4.5 X 6 feet (larger sizes also); double-sided (you choose two topics, "Success" and "Love", for instance) and can be displayed indoors or out. Price is $449 each. Please email: for order information and to have any questions answered.

    Our online shopping cart is hosted by PayPal's simple secure ordering system and it's easy to add and remove items to your cart before checking out. Your credit card will not be charged until you check out. Shipping is only a flat $5 for all orders and are sent by USPS Priority Mail. Tax is added only to California orders. We only ship to the United States and Canada at this time.

    D o c u m e n t a r y
    While exploring freedom of expression, the creative process and the healing potential of innate wisdom, the Dialogue community installation and its crew travel across the United States, visiting over 9 diverse cities, including: Chicago, San Francisco, DC, Denver, Santa Fe and New York. Unfolding like a narrative drama, Dialogue demonstrates how profoundly the un- expected can inspire, how our public spaces are being co-opted and, in moving interview footage, how the wisdom of the ages revitalizes lives­all against the back-drop of America's ever-changing landscape.

    Feature 88 minutes, plus over 60 minutes of special bonus extras (World Cafe short, background interviews, lifecasting, deleted scenes and more!)
    Color, Dolby 5.1, NTSC, Widescreen, Dual Layer DVD
    Price: $19.95 (regular retail $24.95)

    B o o k
    Dialogue Project Book: Features over 2,000 inspirational & motivational quotations found on the Dialogue Project screens. Also includes the creation of Dialogue, full color photo pages of each installation (including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Moab and 11 other cities), essays on freedom of expression and dialogue, national tour journals and reprints of each of the 18 original quotation screens. This is a rare book which is only available here, select independent bookstores and during installation events. Perfect gift! Also available in volume discount quantities: 22 books per box at 40% off (regular retail is $549 [22 X $24.95]. Discounted to $329). Please email for volume order instructions.

    Pages: 211 total pages (56 color pages), softcover
    Size: 11 X 8.5" (landscape)
    Price: $19.95 (regular retail $24.95)

    Look inside this inspirational, thoughtful book... excerpts below:
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Freedom of Expression
  • San Francisco Photo Page
  • San Francisco Journal
  • Moab Photo Page
  • Moab Journal
  • Santa Fe Photo Page
  • Santa Fe Journal
  • Art chapter page
  • Body chapter page
  • Character chapter page
  • Community chapter page
  • Creativity chapter page
  • Expression chapter page
  • Family & Friends chapter page
  • Fun chapter page
  • Happiness chapter page
  • Life chapter page
  • Love chapter page
  • Politics chapter page
  • Power chapter page
  • Spirit chapter page
  • Strength chapter page
  • Success chapter page
  • Wisdom chapter page
  • Work chapter page
  • L a r g e P o s t e r
    Beautiful, oversized poster. This is our famous "portable Dialogue Project." It features an average of around 50 of the best quotes from each screen. All eighteen subjects are represented, with over 500 total quotes on the poster. People get relective and inspired while being drawn into reading the poster -- a conversation starter. Please click on the small image of the poster to see a larger image of the poster.

    Size: 24" X 36"
    Price: $12.95

    P r o g r a m | G u i d e
    Official high-gloss program guide featuring full page replicas of each screen (18 total!) and photos of the first installation in San Francisco's Union Square. Bring the Dialogue screens home with you!

    Pages: 28
    Size: 8.5" X 11"
    Price: $5.95 (2011 Special! Was $9.95)

    M e d i u m P o s t e r s
    Posters of the most popular screens: Life, Love, Wisdom, Strength & Success. Each poster is a fine arts quality, high resolution print on heavy paper stock.

    Click on the small poster images to the left to see a larger image.

    Size: 11" X 17"
    Price: $4.95 each
    Special Price: $19.95 for all 5!

    Individual Posters: SOLD OUT!

    Poster Set of all 5:


    P o s t c a r d s & P o s t c a r d S e t
    Postcards of each original Dialogue screen. Choose from the 18 available cards, or buy all 18 in the postcard set. Themes: Art, Body, Character, Community, Creativity, Expression, Family & Friends, Fun, Happiness, Life, Love, Politics, Power, Spirit, Strength, Success, Wisdom and Work.

    Sizes: 5" X 7" (oversize)
    Price: $1 each
    Special Price: $11.99 for all 18

    Individual postcards: SOLD OUT!

    Postcard Set of All 18:

    T-Shirt Back:

    T-Shirt Front:
    T-S h i r t
    Hanes high quality Beefy-T Dialogue T-Shirt. Features the best, most thought-provoking quotations from Dialogue on the back and the Scultura logo "Superman" style on the front.

    Click on the front t-shirt image on the left to see a larger version.

    Sizes: Small is SOLD OUT, M, L, XL
    Front image: middle of chest, 6 X 4"
    Back image: centered on back, 11 X 9"
    Price: $15.95

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