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T h e T o u r: S a n t a B a r b a r a

    Santa Barbara has given us an amazing reception. We set-up Dialogue next to the busy wharf area without a permit. We had no problems with local officials and only had the warmest greeting. We were approached by a park ranger who said that we were OK as long as nobody complained. The local media gave us some good coverage too:

    I lived in Santa Barbara for 10 years and the community there has always been supportive of my public art, so it was a pleasure visiting my previously adopted home town once again.

    Sally's reflection:
    My hometown. The beach--where I whiled away my summer youth, was the perfect backdrop for Dialogue, and a perfect beginning for me to join the project. How proud I was of Santa Barbara and their recognition of a quality "happening" gave us an ideal venue.

    I particularly loved the little boy reading the bottom 12 inches of one screen who I tried to accordion pleat myself down to his size to connect with (see the photo in the Santa Barbara News Press article). It's so interesting the screens "speak" to even the little ones who barely read! Wonderful people, wonderful weather (of course). I really felt the power of the project and the immense need. Can't wait to go on the road!

    You can also browse quotations that viewers submitted to us during our installations in Santa Barbara on the "Quotes by Subject" pages.

    Here are photos taken during the Santa Barbara public art installation of Dialogue. To view more photos simply click on the "next page of photos" link. There are around 25 photos total.

    Photographer for the local paper taking photos

    Sally at information table

    Browing at the beach

    Reading quotations

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