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T h e T o u r: P a l o s V e r d e s

    We were sponsored by the Palos Verdes Library District to set-up Dialogue in their modern new library building. I've never set-up the project indoors before so I didn't know what to expect. The space itself was architecturally beautiful -- and Dialogue looked great there. This was a very rarified audience... how could we go wrong with library patrons? Of course we fit perfectly inside a the library :-) The Mission of the library is:

    To provide a welcoming environment and open access to library services and materials that encourage lifelong learning, support the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of our diverse Palos Verdes community. Connecting people, information, and ideas.

    On the second installation day, we screened the documentary to a large audience in the library's community room. Their projector and sound system was state-of-the-art. The movie looked & sounded sharp! Afterwards, we talked to people, signed books and one man came up to us with tears in his eyes. The library director (who watched the DVD months before) told me that the movie is subtle so the story and themes sink in over a period of time... she said seeing it again brought up even more emotions and thoughts for her. Sometimes the documentary really strikes a cord, it's wonderful to see people really "getting it."

    Thank you for a wonderful event Palos Verdes Library District! And, especially to: Kathy Gould (Director), Cynthia Hansen (Adult Services Librarian), Phil Wesley (we missed you Phil!), Debra Petersen (Adult Services Assistant Manager) and Andrea Dickerson (Marketing & Public Relations).

    Some of the Media Coverage We Received

    You can also browse quotations that viewers submitted to us during our installations in Palos Verdes on the "Quotes by Subject" pages.