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D o c u m e n t a r y

Home Clips Crew Show Times Music DVD

    Producer EvolveArts, Inc.
    Director: Mike Garibaldi Frick
    Editor: Greg Sirota.
    Additional Editing: Jason Brodkey, George Mauro and Mike Garibaldi Frick.
    Camera: Wes Dorman (San Francisco), Brian Wengrofsky (New York, Denver and Moab), Adad Warda (Southern California Tour), John Chater (World Cafe scene in San Francisco), Doug Crawford (Santa Fe), Blake Joerger & Mike Garibaldi Frick (Warren and Various National Tour Coverage), Steve Milligan (DC and Asheville), Ben Ferrer (Justin Herman Plaza and Sit Down Interviews), Susana Travieso (DC), Max Miller (St. Louis) and Adam Wilt / Karil Daniels (San Francisco Holiday Installations)
    Location Sound: Gerry Berkowitz, Kevin Brown, Matt Pinson, Bret Hughes, Thomas Whitmire and Bill Kozy
    Composers: Nicolas Barry and Tomas Jacobi of Circle of Sound.
    Songs: Donna De Lory, Al Start, Becky Bishop, Jordan Carp, Deborah Lombardi, Bittersweets, Meghann Robinson, Whispertip and more.
    Graphics: John Atkinson, Atkinson Productions
    Online / Color Correcting: Jim McSilver
    Sound Design / Finishing: Paul Zahnley (Disher Music & Sound)
    Other Crew: Thom Wineland (Director, Union Square and Dialogue Creation) and James Green (Editor Dialogue Reel).

    Greg Sirota, comes to us from Lucasfilm where he was the documentary editor. Greg's work has appeared on the History Channel, PBS, Sundance and at festivals worldwide. He has an MFA in Directing and Editing from NYU film school. I'm excited to be working with Greg... he's going to bring a fresh perspective to the project and has already done some amazing work.

    Story Shepherds
    Vivian Kleiman has been awarded top prizes including the George Foster Peabody Award, International Documentary Association's Outstanding Achievement Award, Organization of American Historians' Eric Barnouw Award, and a National Emmy nomination. Kleiman is a member of the adjunct faculty at Stanford Universityıs Department of Communication Graduate Program in Documentary Film and Video Production. In addition, she is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF).

    Gail Silva was the primary force behind Film Arts Foundation for more than 25 years, first as co-director, then executive director and finally president. In 2002, her years of dedication to artistic excellence and advocacy were recognized by the presentation of the California Arts Council's "Directors Award." For the last five years she has represented the interests of independents by serving on the nominating committee of the National Coalition of Independent Public Television Producers (NCIPTP) who select and seat the Board of Directors of the Independent Television Service (ITVS). She has been a panelist for CPB, NEH, NEA, California Arts Council, Rockefeller Foundation Intercultural Fellowships and many others.

    Our composers are the incredible team of Nicolas Barry and Tomas Jacobi. Their music and scoring has been featured on Desperate Housewives, MTV, The Cook, Beethoven's 4th, 101 Dalmatians, Discovery Channel and HBO. They earned degrees in composition and film scoring from the Berklee College of music. Their advertising work has earned them the Charles Mingus award for Composition and they have been nominated for five Grammy awards. The sound they are creating for our soundtrack is both modern and earthy; utilizing unique instruments and rich vocals.

    Kevin, Thom and Wes on the first full day of shooting (left to right)

    Thom taking a quick break

    James on set during the photo shoot

    Thom keeping an eye on the video monitor

    Wes handing the camera down from the roof shots

    Filming the lifecasting process