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Preview Clips from the Dialogue Documentary
All files are in Quicktime format. If you have trouble opening any of the clips below, please also check out our YouTube channel at:

  • New York, NY Scene (3 minutes)
    Excerpt from the installation scene in New York's Union Square, which includes: interviews with some amazing, insightful people and a beautiful graphical quotations treatment.
  • Warren, OH Scene (5:45 minutes)
    Excerpt from the installation scene in Warren, OH, which includes: meeting Megan, a young Warren native, who is truly moved and inspired by the Dialogue Project.
  • Lifecasting Scene (3 minutes)
    Excerpt from the beginning of the movie which includes the lifecasting process. Mike creates the realistic faces found on the Dialogue panels.
  • World Cafe (a DVD extra) (10 minutes)
    Juanita Brown and David Isaacs created the World Cafe workshops to evoke collective intelligence and link it to effective action. They host these "conversations about questions that matter" around the world. Mike Garibaldi Frick invited them to host a World Cafe at his loft with friends and family to discuss the meaning and possibilities for personal dialogue.
  • Lifecasting Extended (a DVD extra) (6 minutes)
    Extended lifecasting scene describing the process of creating the realistic faces found on the Dialogue panels.
  • Trailer for the Dialogue movie (to be released in 2008) coming in November, 2007!

    Other Clips

  • Short reel describing the Dialogue Project (9 minutes)
  • Holiday Installation (6 minutes)
  • Moab Installation (4 minutes)

    * All files are in streaming QuickTime format.